Laser Engraving

Laser Engraved Product SamplesWe Custom Laser Engrave MacBooks !

Laser engraving is unique way to enhance the creativity and style of many art and craft products.   Some projects are simple such as  engraving a name on a pen or a signature on a turned bowl.  Some projects are involved such as cleaning up a complex logo and engraving or marking it on a new material.  And, some projects are complicated such as designing a custom award plaque using special woods and gold leaf; or starting with a concept for a product and designing the entire piece.  This all sounds as if it might be expensive, time consuming and risky, but in fact most laser engraving projects are very straightforward, relatively inexpensive and quick with a predictible outcome.

Laser Engraved PlatterLaser Engraving Facts

  • Materials we laser engrave:  wood, plastics (not PVC), stone, glass, mirrors, solid surface materials, acrylic, anodized aluminum and more
  • Materials we can mark using the laser:  stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, tin, glass and more (NOTE: Materials must ideally be bare or uncoated  for laser marking.)
  • Materials we could engrave, but generally don't:  leather and rubber
  • Maximum size of piece we can engrave:  flat and rectangular objects - 12" x 24" x 6"; cylindrical object (e.g. bottles, drinking glasses, etc.) 3.5" in diameter x 15" long

Nested Wooden SpheresWhat sorts of projects do we laser engrave?

We will be happy to discuss the laser engraving of materials and projects that will fit in our laser.   A partial list of items we have engraved includes:

  • Wooden pens and pen cases, including desk set bases - FAQs
  • Name tags and other signs made from wood or multi-layer plastics
  • Signs of all sorts made from wood, plastic, metal and other materials
  • Glass picture frames
  • Glass potpourri boxes
  • Wine bottles and glasses
  • Decanter bottles
  • Wooden plaques
  • Photos on wood plaques
  • Aluminum portfolio covers (this is a marking rather than engraving operation)
  • Wooden boxes (lids, signatures on the bottom, etc.)Laser Marked iPod
  • Wooden bowls (signatures on the bottom and corporate logos on the inside and rim)
  • Wooden business cards including standard size and custom designs
  • Wooden crosses
  • Wooden bookmarkers
  • Wooden spheres
  • iPods (this is a marking rather than engraving operation)
  • Vinyl
  • Wooden place mats
  • Wooden coasters

What are the steps for having my work laser engraved?

Laser Marked Aluminum PortfolioThese are the formal steps in planning a project.  We will typically go through all these steps even though one or more of the steps may seem somewhat insignificant.

  • You contact us with details on your project.
  • We come to a joint understanding of the scope of the project.
  • You accept a project quotation and approve the project.
  • Artwork for the laser engraving is created and presented for approval if necessary.
  • Your project pieces are delivered to us or we create them to your specifications.
  • Proof/test samples and/or pictures are returned for approval if necessary.
  • Production items are engravedLaser Engraved Wine Bottles

What about fees and payments?

  • Any significant setup fees must be paid up front, but our setup fees are typically minimal.
  • Large projects may require a 50% partial up-front payment
  • Engraving fees will be due a the completion of the project.
  • Payment options include cash, check (U.S. bank, U.S. funds), credit card (via Paypal).
  • For custom products that we provide, an up-front payment will be necessary for materials.

Can anything go wrong?

The laser engraver is a tool and tools can break.  So however unlikely, it is possible for things to go wrong.   We do understand that many of the things we are hired to engrave are one-of-a-kind items.  Laser Engraved CraftID Signature MedallionsFor this reason we may request a sample of the material for testing prior to the production engraving.   If your piece is unique and/or irreplaceable then we will be very hesitant to work on it.  Wine bottles typically engrave nicely, but we will not be responsible if a bottle breaks during engraving.   The same is true for any glass objects.

We always try our very best to be careful and responsible, to anticipate problems, and to use test pieces when prudent.  But, if it scares you to get your piece engraved then it scares us too.