Tree of Life Donor Recognition Tree

Tree of Life Donor Tree installed at the John C. Campbell Folk School

Whispered Images has designed and created a new product - a customizable Tree of Life Donor Recognition Tree.  Donor recognition trees are frequently used by organizations to recognize individuals and organizations that contributed to a specific campaign, fund, project or mission.  The Whispered Images Tree of Life Donor Recognition Tree is made entirely from hardwoods and the names are laser engraved on leaves made from a variety of light colored woods.

Our first example donor recognition tree of life is made from poplar (tree canopy), walnut (trunk and branches, oak (leaf stems), and maple, curly maple and river birch (leaves).  The leaves are all cut by laser as are the background shapes in the canopy.  The trunk and branches are all hand carved and in this case the trunk is also laser engraved.

Willard Baxter Woodturning Studio at the John C. Campbell Folk School

This tree of life  measures 52" wide and 41" tall and approximately 3" deep.  It weighs about 20 pounds.  The donor recognition tree was designed and crafted as a commission from the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC .  It is an acknowledgment of the many gifts that have been made to create the new Willard Baxter Woodturning Studio. This donor recognition tree is permanently installed in the entry way of the woodturning studio which was recently dedicated in a ceremony on Saturday, April 21, 2007.

The tree of life recognition tree design can be customized to accomodate a variable number of donor leaves.  The folk school tree will hold about one hundred leaves.  The leaves can be rearranged, added and removed as needed since they are not permanently attached (although they can be if so desired).

Tree of Life Donor Tree - Engraved Logo for the John C. Campbell Folk School

Suwanee Day 2006

Suwanee CrossRoads Newsletter - Sept. 2006As a first-time exhibitor at the 2006 Suwanee Day festival, we were content to participate and sell as many items as possible.  Astonishingly, we received some much appreciated attention on the Suwanee Day web site (web site link), in the September issue of the City of Suwanee's CrossRoads newsletter (PDF version link) and in the Gwinnett Daily Post's Suwanee Day Special Section on September 10th (JPG image).

Gwinnett Daily Post Suwanee Day Special Section ArticleTo be one of 192 exhibitors (at least there are that many booths) and to be mentioned so prominently is a high honor for us.  We just hope we can contribute to the success of Suwanee Day by offering Suwanee residents and visitors something of interest, something unique, something they would not see anywhere else.  We are looking forward to an exciting day.